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Trinity Catholic High School is a comprehensive, co-educational high school dedicated to the fostering of the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth in its students. With the support of parents, staff, alumni and entire school community, Trinity Catholic carries out its mission of Graduating Responsible Christian Citizens.

Students, whose educational needs can be met will be admitted, after applying given available space. Students are admitted without regard to race, gender, ethnicity or nationality. Students traditionally apply during the winter of their eighth grade year for admission to ninth grade the following fall. All incoming freshman students must have successfully completed the eighth grade. Students of faiths other than Catholicism are admitted at provided they, as well as their parents or guardians, are willing to fully subscribe to the religious philosophy and program at Trinity Catholic High School.

Trinity Catholic is fully accredited by the North Central Association and the Committee on Accredited Schools and Colleges at the University of Missouri, Columbia and is a member of the National Catholic Education Association.

School Mascot – The Titans
School Colors – Crimson, Silver and White
School Motto – Ex Trinitate Unitas – “From Trinity Comes Unity”


EXPERIENCE: The Trinity Difference 


from Kevin McKenna, Director of Admissions and 2011 Graduate

Most of us certainly remember a time when two, great options for Catholic high school existed in North County. To this day, we still remember the historic rivalry - in sports and all other aspects of life - between St. Thomas Aquinas-Mercy and Rosary. While it affected people in many different ways, the monumental merger of those schools in 2003 turned out to be the greatest blessing for future generations of students in North County…myself included.

This school year marks the fifteenth anniversary of that merger and the opening Trinity Catholic High School. Fifteen years later, Trinity still stands as a symbol of what Catholic education means to this community. Over the past few months, Trinity’s administrative team has been discussing how we should celebrate this anniversary year. As part of that celebration, we decided to refresh our marketing efforts to better advance the mission of Trinity in today’s climate. The main objective was to answer the question, “what sets Trinity apart?”

We spent hours exchanging ideas about what words we should focus on and what the school’s new slogan could be. As Director of Advancement, I was primarily expected to employ market-research techniques and branding strategies I’ve acquired over the last few years. But try as I might, my perspective as an alumni continued to overpower any professional perspective. Communications Coordinator and 2012 Trinity graduate, Connor Grumich, was faced with a similar challenge. No matter what direction the conversation took, Connor and I kept drawing back to personal experiences we had as Titans.

For Connor and I, there just didn't seem to be any one or two words to truly convey what Trinity means to its students. 

Education is the obvious go-to, right? After all, Trinity is, first and foremost, an educational institution. But did Education really capture all that it needed to? What about college-prep? Or, perhaps, would it be better to say life-prep? What about athletics…robotics and engineering…Faith formation and spiritual development…fun…friendship? What about all of the things that go on in any given day at Trinity? For Connor and I, we realized that all of these things were great buzz-words, and separately they are all things that every parent and student would want in their high school education. At least for Connor and I, the true essence of The Trinity Difference is only understood when these equally awesome things are considered together. For us, it was best described as the Trinity experience. 

Since graduating from Trinity in 2011, I’ve had time to reflect on what Trinity has really meant in my life. My conclusion is that the effect of the Trinity experience on a young person is invaluable, too great to be condensed to just a few words. 

My own Trinity experience has propelled me through life in ways I can’t imagine an experience anywhere else could have. College credit opportunities pushed me ahead two years at Truman State University. Over one hundred hours of service provided me unforgettable stories of inspiration and perseverance. Trinity’s unique, family-like environment allowed me space to grow and an opportunity to achieve a genuine sense of self and purpose. 

With each new step I took in life - undergrad, grad school, the start of my career - like most young people, I was nervous. Those nerves were always temporary, however, and no matter what new chapter I was starting, I was able to quickly overcome any fear or worry and proceed, confidently, knowing somehow that I was prepared. It wasn’t until I re-joined the Trinity community as Advancement Director that I realized it was my Trinity experience that had supported and motivated me all these years after graduation.

That is precisely what we are celebrating during this fifteenth anniversary year. It is a celebration of providing a safe and welcoming environment where every student has a genuine chance to transform themselves into the people they want to become. It is a celebration of an education that prepares students for college and career, but most importantly for whatever experiences await them in life. 

It is a celebration of Trinity families, past and present, who sacrifice each day to give their children that type of education. 

It is a celebration of Trinity’s existence, but even more a celebration of the reason why Trinity exists in the first place - its students. 

It is a celebration of Trinity Titans, who Sr. Karl Mary Winkelmann accurately defines as “persons of power and influence for good.” We are not just celebrating them as students, however, but also celebrating the incredible accomplishments they continue to achieve, like the hundreds-of-thousands of service hours they have contributed to the North County and greater St. Louis communities.

As much as it is a celebration of our past - our venerable history and cherished traditions - it is also a celebration of the future, and the hope for a brighter future that our Trinity Titans will provide for us.

This is a celebration of Trinity’s mission and the pillars of Faith, service, respect, tradition, excellence, and life-long learning upon which that mission rests. 

Above all, we celebrate each other and the unique experience that Trinity has given us.