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Course Catalogue

Academic Catalogue

2017 - 2018 Course Catalogue

Trinity Catholic High School Graduation Requirements

Trinity Catholic High School requires its students to acquire a total of 31 credits in order to graduate. This is the highest of all but one Catholic high school in the St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas.

4 credits in Religion; 4 credits in English; 3 credits in Social Studies; 3 credits in Mathematics; 3 credits in Science; 1 credit in Fine Arts; 1.5 credits Physical Education; 1 credit in Practical Arts; 1 credit in Bridges (Freshmen development course); and 9.5 credits in student-elected courses.


Courses by Department

Family and Consumer Science Drama Physical Education Industrial Technology
Home and Design History of Film Fundamentals of Physical Education Mechanical Drawing I
Foods and Cooking Drama Health Mechanical Drawing II
Child Development and Parenting   Team Sports Architectural Drafting and Design
Sewing   Fitness and Wellness  
Art Music Media Spanish

Foundations of Art

Beginning Band Intro to Multimedia Spanish 1
Design Concert Band Multimedia Video Production Spanish 2 - A
Drawing Trinity Choir Student Publications Spanish 2 - B
Alternative Methods of Art History of Rock N Roll Web Page Design ACC Spanish 3
Painting Beginning Guitar   ACC Spanish 4
Advanced Art      
Business Science Social Studies Religion
Business Applications Physical Science World History 1 Revelation of Christ in the Scripture
Personal Finance Biology World History 2 Who is Jesus Christ?
Keyboarding Chemistry American Government The Mission of Jesus Christ
Microsoft Office Chemistry in the Community American History Sacraments
Accounting 1 Environmental Science ACC American History Principles of Morality
Accounting 2 Biology 2 ACC Western Civilizations The Church

(Church History)

Business Law Anatomy and Physiology Current Issues & Watershed Moments of the 20th Century Christian Lifestyles
Marketing Essentials ACC Physics Psychology Social Justice
  ACC Chemistry Diversity in America  
English Mathematics    

Literature and Composition

Reading Strategies Algebra 1    
Literature and Composition2 Geometry     
American Literature Algebra 2    
World Literature Advanced Algebra    
AP Literature and Composition Trigonometry     
ACC Language and Composition Statistics    
  Algebra 3    
  ACC Pre-Calculus & ACC Calculus