Better Education. Brighter Future


The curriculum of Trinity Catholic High School is designed to meet a wide range of student abilities, interests, and career goals and to provide courses that challenge students on all ability levels.

The curriculum courses meets or exceeds the requirements of the State of Missouri and each student may also select from a variety of elective courses that are offered at each grade level.

In many subject areas, courses are offered at three levels with the content and method of instruction tailored to each student’s   preparation, interests, and postsecondary/career intentions. College credit is offered in several upper-level courses in English, Mathematics, History, Science, and Spanish.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to earn credits in the following areas:

Religion - 4 credits
English - 4 credits
Social Studies - 3 credits (including Constitution)
Mathematics - 3 credits (including Geometry)
Science - 3 credits (including Biology)
Fine Arts - 1 credit
P.E. - 1 credit
Health - .5 credit
Practical Arts - 1 credit (including Personal Finance)
Bridges - 1 credit
Electives - 9.5 credits*

Total  -  31 credits