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Diversity Council

Vision:  The DC seeks to develop and foster an inclusive, welcoming school where all are valued and celebrated as Children of God.

Specific projects include sponsoring a trip to Kansas City to see the Negro League Baseball and Jazz Museums, gathering for liturgy in the city, planning and facilitating the Thanksgiving movie day at Trinity, highlighting a theme of Diversity (cancelled in 2014 due to Ferguson), providing awareness to the school during anti-bullying month and providing funding for a Thanksgiving basket for area needy.  Plans moving forward into 2015-16 include fundraising for a trip to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, informal movie and discussion evenings, Hispanic month event, increased emphasis on Black History month, including a concept dinner event (Soul Food Cooking Demonstration and sampling paired with a speaker - Coach Hite). Several key members of the Diversity Council participated in the Edward Jones/Diversity Awareness Partnership training; this provided formation and leadership training for councilpersons.  As the council reforms in the wake of graduation of the bulk of active members, they will redefine their mission and vision.

See Mrs. Lappe if you are interested in participating!  


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