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MSED, Curriculum and Instruction
BA, Interdisciplinary Studies
AAS, Architecture and Technology


Washington University Catholic Service Center


I’m a professional Glass Artist and Ceramicist.  I love to travel and I am a big Foodie.

Do you have any Pets?

I have 3 beagle dogs, Danny, Jack, and Bo.

If you weren't a teacher, what would you do?

I would be blowing glass in Hawaii, looking out at the beach and enjoying the day.  They have great glass blowing weather there and the beach is an added plus for me.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Right now its the Florida space coast beaches and Disney World.  My wife and I are planning a few trips to Europe to see the different countries together.  We both have in the past seen them on our own but are wanting to enjoy seeing them together.

What teachers have had an impact on you?

I have two teachers from college that have had a great impact on what I do, Paul Dresang and Matt Wilt.  Both of these professors greatly impacted the way I create and how I teach others.  They taught me that craftsmanship and understanding the materials means more than the finished product and that I could always go further.  If you don’t push yourself to go further you don’t know what is ahead of you, you never know where it can lead.

Who is your favorite person in your field?

I have to say my favorite person in my field is my wife.  Whether it is in the teaching field where I look to her for help or when I get stuck to my professional art work and I need an honest answer as to how a particular piece is turning out, I can always count on her for a very detailed answer as to what’s working and what is not.