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Mercy (1948),
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Rosary (1961),
St. Thomas Aquinas–Mercy (1985)"

Life Issues Workshop

Each year, Trinity hosts a Life Issues workshop. This year, the workshop will be held on February 6th, 2015.  At Trinity we believe that Pro-Life means much more than being against abortion. Pro-Life is about respecting, valuing, honoring, and celebrating life in all its forms.

Today's world is richer and more fast-paced than ever before and young people face choices, problems and pressures that their parents and grandparents never faced. We believe that our students form a cross section of teenagers in St. Louis and that teens in St. Louis form a cross section of teens throughout the country. Studies and statistics help us highlight the particular issues teens are facing, but our students themselves are open and forthright in letting us know issues they are facing and information they feel they need.

The Life Issues Workshop is an attempt to meet our students needs. The program was put together by Fr. Jim Beighlie and Ms. Monica Deddens, and for the 2007-2008 school year.  The program received the Sister Mary Ann Governal and Mrs. Ellen Ryan Memorial Development Grant to help in obtaining quality presenters. There are generally twelve speakers divided among three broad topic areas such as family-friends-relationships, drugs and alcohol, my body - my life - my rights, and personal issues. The workshop day is structured in a convention style in which students choose one topic from each of the topic areas and attend three sessions. Students are asked to evaluate the day and to suggest topics to be dropped, repeated, and added. More and more they are giving shape to the content of the day. The annual workshop gives us the opportunity not only to address specific needs for our community but to address those needs in a context informed by Christian values.


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