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Debbie Petrowske - FACS Teacher



  • SIUE Edwardsville, Bachelor of Science in History
  • SWIC – FACS courses
  • St. Louis Community College-Business Courses
  • UMSL – Business Coursework

Professional Accomplishments

  • Trinity Silver and Crimson Teacher Award


St. Matthew United Methodist Church, Belleville, IL

Interests/hobbies/talents (inside or outside of academia):
Antiquing, flower gardening, scrapbooking, and visiting historic places.

We live on a small farm and have a horse named Beau, a few chickens and many cats…Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Pretty Boy, Tiny Tot, Luke, Sophie, Tiger, and Tootsie. The cats live in the barn, not in our house!

Favorite app:
Walt Disney World

What is the one thing you couldn’t teach without?
STUFF…I have stuff for each of my classes and I would not know what to do without it because it adds something to the class interest level. Not only do I have stuff for my classes I have “Stuff” in general and whenever a fellow teacher or a student needs something there is a good chance I have it. Good thing I have 3 classrooms to keep it in!

What is your favorite thing about your career?
It is very rewarding to teach students practical skills that they will use the rest of their life.

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you do?
Park Ranger, Travel Agent, or an Accountant

What is your favorite vacation spot or where you dream of vacationing?
Vacationing is a large part of my life. I proudly boast that I have been to all 50 states. My favorite town is Tombstone, AZ and of course I feel the need for an annual Walt Disney World visit. I love visiting National Parks and historic places. One place I would like to visit sometime in the future is Norway.