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The key idea of the Renaissance Program is to help students recognize that it is “cool to do well in school”.  

Renaissance is an incentive program that seeks to recognize students that “Make A Difference” by working hard to do their best, keeping a positive attitude, helping others achieve, and being respectful and cooperative.

We are responsible for

  1. The Honor Roll Locker Signs for all the students who have earned 1st and 2nd honors for the first two quarters of the year.
  2. The Homecoming Fashion Show Assembly where students compete by dressing as people from different parts of the world; the “best dressed” then take place in a series of tests culminating in an optical course based on travel (getting and packing suitcase, running through security, etc.  Jordan Griffin was the big winner this year.  The suitcase he selected only won $5.  He could have won more, but he chose poorly.)
  3. The Ren Top Ten Selections by different departments in the school.  This is where each of the ten departments (Religion, English, Math, etc) selects one student who demonstrates some of the most important qualities in our world.  These selections are made once each semester.
  4. The Talent Show where students and faculty show display their talents for the rest of the school.
  5. The Trinity Treasure Assembly where each teacher selects one student to be distinguished as a treasure.  A special lunch for the past and current treasures along with parents takes place after the event.  

This year the theme was “Around the World – The Places You’ll Go”.  The 2015-2016 theme is “The Academy Awards.”

See Mr. Witte if you are interested in helping out!