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Shadowing is the opportunity for seventh and eighth grade students to spend the day at Trinity and experience firsthand what it’s like to be a member of the Trinity family. Students that shadow are paired with a Trinity student for the day to attend classes, go to lunch and get a true feel for student life at Trinity.

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  • 1/4/171/5/171/6/171/10/171/12/171/13/171/17/171/18/171/19/171/20/171/24/171/26/171/31/172/2/172/3/172/7/172/9/172/10/172/14/172/15/172/21/172/23/172/24/172/28/173/2/173/3/173/7/173/9/173/10/173/14/173/15/173/21/173/22/173/23/173/24/17 (Pep Rally)3/28/173/30/173/31/174/4/174/5/174/6/17 (Blood Drive)4/7/174/11/17 (Holy Week Prayer Service)4/25/174/26/174/27/17 (Rennaissance Assembly)5/2/175/3/175/4/175/5/175/9/175/11/175/12/17 (Pep Rally)5/18/175/23/17
  • Parent/Guardian Tour in Morning (8:15am)Parent/Guardian Tour in Afternoon (1:45pm)Parent/Guardian does not wish to tour on same day
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