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Reunion Information

Check this section of ALUMNI NOTES to find out about upcoming class reunions.  If you have any information about your class reunion, please contact and the information will be posted. Please, keep us updated!

Upcoming Reunions


Aquinas Class of 1965 - Sept. 18, 2020

Time: 5:00 pm til ??

Place: The Quarry Wine Garden 5960 Hwy. Z; Wentzville, MO

Upfront cost will be minimal, if any, as there will be no catering or entertainment cost.

For further information, please contact Barb Heidger-Quirin at or Randy Vest at



Rosary Class of 1971 50th Reunion -  August 21, 2021

Place:  The Christy Banquet Center, O’Fallon MO

Save the Date Letters will be sent out with more details in the Fall of 2020. For further information or to help with the reunion planning, please contact Karen Davidson Finke at


Planning Your Class Reunion?

Would you like to use Trinity Catholic High School for a class reunion? Here’s how:

The Trinity gymnasium will be available for individual class reunions from Mercy, St. Thomas Aquinas, Rosary, St. Thomas Aquinas-Mercy or Trinity provided use of the gym does not disrupt any other Trinity school activities.

There will be no charge to rent the gym, however there will be a total charge of $300 to be paid in cash prior to the start of the event for maintenance employees to be present during the reunion in case of an emergency ($150) and for cleanup following the reunion ($150). 

Trinity personnel will handle the responsibilities of laying out the mats on the gym floor and the setup of an agreed upon a number of round and rectangular tables in addition to the setup of chairs to go with those tables. The standard setup for a reunion will include two rectangular tables for a bar, three rectangular tables for a food buffet, one rectangular table for a DJ (if needed), two rectangular food preparation tables (if needed for a caterer) and one rectangular table in the gym lobby for registration. All other decorating and cleanup of those decorations will be the responsibility of the reunion organizing committee. All decorations brought into the gym by the decorating committee must be removed from the gym at the end of the reunion.

All food and drink for reunions must be brought in by the reunion committee, including coolers, warming dishes, etc. used for the preparation and/or maintenance of the food and drinks throughout the reunion. Ice and refrigerators for keeping food cool may be provided by Trinity Catholic High School if agreed upon by Trinity personnel and the reunion organizing committee prior to the event.  

Setup and decorating for the reunion will take place at a time agreed upon by Trinity personnel and the reunion committee. Normally decoration and setup will take place the morning or early afternoon of the reunion or the night before the reunion if times can be agreed upon. Any additional tables and chairs needed after initial setup should be requested by the reunion organizing committee at the time of decorating and not immediately prior to the start of the reunion.

The reunion organizing committee is responsible for its guests and their behavior and the organizing committee is also responsible for any damages to the Trinity facility caused by a reunion guest.

If a program is compiled for the evening or if the committee members have updated names and addresses for class members, a copy should be given to the Trinity Alumni Office following the event.