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Course Catalogue

Academic Catalogue

2018 - 2019 Course Catalogue

Trinity Catholic High School Graduation Requirements

Trinity Catholic High School requires its students to acquire a total of 31 credits in order to graduate. This is the highest of all but one Catholic high school in the St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas.

4 credits in Religion; 4 credits in English; 4 credits in Mathematics; 3 credits in Social Studies; 3 credits in Science; 1 credit in Fine Arts; 1 credits Physical Education; 1 credit in Practical Arts; .5 credit in Bridges (Freshmen development course); .5 credit in Health; and 9 credits in student-elected courses.


Courses by Department

Family and Consumer Science Drama Physical Education Industrial Technology
Foods and Cooking History of Film Fundamentals of Physical Education Architectural Drafting & Design 1
The Geography of Food Drama Weight and Strength Training Architectural Drafting & Design 2
Sewing   Team Sports Mechanical Drawing 1
Home and Design   Health Mechanical Drawing 2 
 World of Fashion      Robotics 1
Art Music Media Spanish

Foundations of Art

Beginning Band Intro to Multimedia Spanish 1
Design Concert Band Multimedia Video Production Spanish 2 - A
Drawing Trinity Choir Student Publications Spanish 2 - B
Ceramics 1 History of Rock N Roll App Development for the iPad ACC Spanish 3
Ceramics 2 Beginning Guitar Introduction to Graphic Design  ACC Spanish 4
Sculpture  Guitar 2    
   Beginning Piano    
Business Science Social Studies Religion
Microsoft Office Physical Science World History 1 Revelation of Christ in the Scripture
Personal Finance Biology 1 World History 2 Who is Jesus Christ?
Accounting 1 Chemistry ACC American Civilization The Mission of Jesus Christ
Accounting 2 Chemistry in the Community ACC From the Middle Ages to the Age of Revolutions Sacraments
Marketing Biology 2 ACC Topics in European Civilization: 1715 to the Present Principles of Morality
  Anatomy & Physiology Watershed Events Through the 21st Century The Church

(Church History)

  ACC Physics Psychology 1 Christian Lifestyles
  ACC Chemistry 2 Diversity in America Social Justice
English Mathematics    

Literature and Composition

Reading Strategies Algebra 1    
Literature and Composition 2 Geometry     
American Literature Algebra 2    
World Literature Advanced Algebra 2    
ACC Literature and Composition 3 Algebra 3 with Trigonometry     
ACC Literature and Composition 4 Algebra 3 Topics    
Diverse Voices in Literature  ACC Pre - Calculus    
 Fantasy, Myth & Murder ACC Calculus    
Creative Writing