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1:1 iPad Program

We at Trinity Catholic High School pride ourselves on our diversity. We strive for the inclusion of all, including those with different learning styles. We believe that the iPad program will provide more opportunities for diversification in our educational programs. We believe that the use of technology in the classroom can maximize the potential of each student to become a dynamic learner now and in the future.

Although we believe it is important for the usage of the iPad to sync with our educational goals and Catholic identity, we realize that it is impossible to control all materials available on the world-wide network. Therefore, rather than focusing on these unknowns, we choose to focus our energies on the positives that this opportunity will bring. The world is an ever-changing place where information is readily available; we want to embrace this change and help the students develop skills necessary for survival in this 21st century world.

Student iPads: Policies and Requirements                                                    

2019-20 iPad Agreement

Managed Apple IDs

Managed Apple IDs give all the convenience of an Apple ID but with limitations on purchasing. This allows students to have access to the educational components without the need for a credit card tied to the account.