Better Education. Brighter Future.


Better Education. Brighter Future.

Mission Statement

Trinity Catholic is a welcoming and caring community committed to graduating responsible citizens grounded in Christian values, dedicated to serving others and engaged in life long learning.

Trinity Catholic is fully accredited by the North Central Association, Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, an accreditation division of AdvancEd and the Committee on Accredited Schools and Colleges at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Trinity Catholic is a member of the National Catholic Education Association.


337 students in grades 9-12
8-day Alternating Block Schedule
Comprehensive Curriculum includes Honors, Standard and Fundamental class levels 2 Full-time learning consultants work with students who have diagnosed learning disabilities and IEPs.
100 hours of Christian Service required
Each student is equipped with an iPad


2 Administrators
37 Faculty members (40% Advanced Degrees)
1 Guidance Counselor
1 Technology Director
2 Full-time Learning Consultants
1 Social Workers

Graduation Requirements

Religion - 4 credits
English - 4 credits
Social Studies - 3 credits
Mathematics - 3 credits (including geometry)
Science - 3 credits (including biology)
Fine Arts - 1 credit
Physical Education - 1.5 credits (including health)
Practical Arts - 1 credit (including personal finance) Bridges - 1 credit
Electives - 9.5 credits
Total - 31 credits
Students must also participate in an overnight retreat senior year, complete the 100 hour Christian Service requirement and pass the U.S. and Missouri constitution tests.

ACT Averages
Honors level students - 28
Average adjusted score – 24

College Credit

58 hours offered to juniors and seniors.
ACC Literature and Composition, ACC Spanish 3, ACC Pre-Calculus, ACC American History and ACC Chemistry. ACC Language and Composition, ACC Spanish 4, ACC Western Civilization, ACC Calculus and ACC Physics.
Classes cost $65 per credit hour. This provides substantial savings on college tuition.
$17,780 - National average tuition cost for two years at a state university. $3,770 - Cost to take 58 hours of college credit at Trinity Catholic.
$14,010 - Savings on college tuition by taking college credit at Trinity Catholic.
Over half of Trinity Catholic graduates earn at least a semester of college credit while many students graduate with 30-40 hours completed.

Grading Scale

100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
64-69 D
64-0 F

Elective Course Areas

Musical Arts, Industrial Technology, Robotics & Engineering, Multi-Media, Visual Art, Family and Consumer Science (FACS), Computer Science, Business & Marketing, Drama and Production, Psychology.