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Summer Reading 2019

Summer Reading is changing formats this year. It has 2 parts: Grammar and Non-Fiction Reading. Make sure to look for your class information under each assignment as they are slightly different for each year.

Summer Grammar

Account Set-Up:

1. Go to

2. Select “Student”

3. Select “Sign up with Google” and use your to sign up**

4. Click “Allow”

5. In the “Join Your Class” field enter your class code (see below)

6. Click “Start Activity” to begin your work!

Quill Class Codes:

Class of 2020: object-key

Class of 2021: study-pause

Class of 2022: writing-show

Class of 2023: contact-welcome

**Class of 2023 students have not yet received their addresses. Please scroll down to create a standard account using your first, last name, username and password. Make sure to use the name you are registered under so we can link it to you.

Summer Non-Fiction Reading

This summer you will be reading a few non-fiction articles that give context or important information about the first unit of next year. Read each article assigned to your class and be prepared for a quiz on the first day of school.

Articles are available in your Class of… class on Google Classroom as well as below. 

Google Classroom Join Codes:

Class of 2020: 44rgwb

Class of 2021: m29f0f

Class of 2022: sqo7esm

Class of 2023: no assignment given

Class of 2020

1. Slaying Monsters: "Tolkien's Beowulf"

2. Monsters and Heroes in Beowulf

Class of 2021

1. What Happens to the American Dream in a Recession?

2. Waking Up from the American Dream

3. The Transformation of the American Dream

Class of 2022

1. Historical Context of Of Mice and Men