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Suzanne Taillon - Science Teacher

Suzanne Taillon Trinity Catholic High School



  • B. A. in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Secondary Education
  • Minors in Chemistry and Music from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly UMR)
  • Working toward Masters degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Missouri - Saint Louis

Professional Accomplishments

  • Environmental education training and certification through the Missouri Department of Conservation in the following: Project Learning Tree, Project WET, and Project WILD
  • Training in Vernier software and technology and in SMART technology
  • Training in classroom differentiation and layered curriculum
  • Missouri S&T honors: Magna Cum Laude and Academic Scholars List
  • *Not exactly professional accomplishments, but when I was a student at Trinity I received the Trinity Treasure award twice and received the Trinity Silver award as a senior


Saint Ann Catholic Church in Normandy

Interests/hobbies/talents (inside or outside of academia):
I am very interested in gardening and have taken on the task of upgrading my yard to a more native, wildlife habitat. When I’m not spending time in my yard, I like to play volleyball or softball with other members of my parish. As I have my minor in music, I also spend some time playing piano, guitar, or clarinet.

Any pets? Names/types:
Currently, I have a 55 gallon fish tank with many freshwater tropical fish. I have done a little bit of gardening in my tank as well, slowly replacing all of the plastic plants with live ones. I have a goal to get a dog soon, but first I need to put up a fence in the back.

What is the one thing you couldn’t teach without?
I would prefer never to teach without my planner. It ensures that no task is forgotten during each class. I also need my stack of post-its to remind students of all their missing and late work. It would be nice not to need the post-its, if you catch my drift.

What is your favorite thing about your career?
My favorite thing about my career is that I’m getting to teach at the high school I attended. For now, I still get to teach alongside many of the teachers that influenced me in the first place.

What is one of your life goals?
One of my life goals is to be debt free: school, house, and car loans, gone! I have a long way to go, unfortunately.

What is your favorite vacation spot or where you dream of vacationing?
I love vacationing where I have family. For a nice, cool, summer getaway, I prefer northern Wisconsin. For a warm escape from Missouri winters, I enjoy Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where I’m from originally.