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"Entering into my senior year as a mechanical engineering student at Northwestern, I can't help but think of Trinity. Even though the program is challenging, I am enjoying it very much. I still remember my days at Trinity, and I look upon them with much happiness. I realize even more now, after being in college for a while, that my Trinity days were truly great years." 

Anna Duban, TCHS 2013

As someone who graduated from Trinity Catholic High School four years ago, I have been doing a lot of looking back. Each time I reminisce with friends or run into a past teacher, I come away feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the things I once took for granted.

While at Trinity, I was able to become very actively involved. We use this word “involved” a lot, especially with regards to high school extracurriculars. As a Trinity Titan, I was blessed with the opportunity to be involved with cheerleading, theater, National Honor Society, yearbook, and much more. But “involved” doesn’t just mean being on the roster for every sport and every club. To be involved means to be “connected or concerned with someone or something, typically on an emotional or personal level”. THIS type of involvement is what I have come to treasure most. Trinity helped me become emotionally and personally involved with my community through four years of service work, retreats, and the day-to-day experiences with classmates and teachers. As a lifelong resident of North County and the daughter of a Rosary alum, I am so grateful that my time at Trinity helped me become more connected and concerned with the people and the place around me. This basic involvement in the lives of those close to us is part of what we are called to do as Christians, and Trinity gave me the opportunity and the desire to put this belief into action.

Trinity truly has so much to offer, and to this day I am still realizing the true value of my education at this place that most definitely served as my second home for four years of my life.

Ellen Hilmes, TCHS 2011


For the students of North County in St. Louis; Trinity Catholic HIgh School is a beacon of hope that might help them to be able to accomplish their pursuit of a better education.

The education I recieved at Mercy High School gave me the tools to learn how to navigate the working world - its pitfalls and its joys.  That is my hope for your students.  We have to keep learning in order to succeed in life.

Nira Brady, Mercy High Class of 1951

As I was contemplating all of the good fortune the Lord has sent my way (family, friends, faith)  I can't help but realize that my upbringing has been a large part of all of that.  I have to thank my parents and my teachers for the lion's share of my values.  I still socialize with my elementary and highschool friends on a frequent basis.  I had a very good time at Rosary and my report cards will attest to that.  It is funny that to this very day I used the skills I learned at Rosary and in the Marine Corps.  I am not sure who was toughest; Father Obmann or my drill instructor!

Bill Roach, Rosary High Class of 1966

I am an alum of Rosary High School (now Trinity Catholic High School). I have a Ph D in Biological Sciences from St. Louis Universty focusing on diabetes and exercise/muscle physiology. As a young adolescent I was not fully aware of my potential or the opportunities available to me. The teachers, coaches, and staff at Rosary were uplifting on a daily basis in regard to encouraging and developing my talents. The small but cohesive atmosphere harbors and accentuates the core Christian values which continue to guide my life. My dedication to service (acquired from Rosary) and desire to pay homage has drawn me back to Trinity Catholic in recent years. In 2012 I served as a volunteer assistant football coach. I would highly recommend Trinity Catholic High to any parent looking for a school rich in values and capable of preparing students for a life-long process of learning and growing.

Stanley Andrisse, Rosary High Class of 2002